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A New Way to Synchronize CCTV

Cameras Santa Ana, California – F M Systems, Inc. has designed and developed equipment for an entirely new way of synchronizing CCTV cameras that is both more accurate and takes much less time and equipment than previous methods. With this equipment, synchronization can be accomplished by one installation technician instead of two, and thus no radio is required when using the Video Timing Generator.

The VTG Video Timing Generator provides up to ten video sync signals with which to synchronize CCTV cameras in the field. The VTG is intended to be used with the VTM Video Timing Meter to establish accurate timing of multiple CCTV cameras. A designated “Master Camera” is connected to the input of the VTG at the monitor Hub Site. Up to ten coaxial cables leading to the other cameras are then connected to the VTG output connectors. At this point a video sync pulse, locked to the Master Camera, is being sent on the coax to each camera. The VTM meter is then taken to each camera and the signal on the coax is compared to the camera output. The VTM then measures the timing error of that camera and the camera is adjusted to reduce that error to zero. The VTM is then taken to each camera in turn and set to zero. The cameras are connected to their coax cables and the VTG removed. The cameras are now all perfectly synchronized so that they may be switched without “rolling” the picture. Occasional routine tests, using only the VTM to compare camera synchronization at the Hub can be used to verify that synchronization has not been lost due to Electricians changing power phases at the Power Panel.

The VTG is small enough (2 1/2″ x 4″ x 1″), to be taken to the job site in a tool box. It is powered by a wall-mount power supply and contains a sync separator that can operate from black-and-white or color cameras and will synchronize on NTSC or PAL standards.

Both the VTG Video Timing Generator and the VTM Video Timing Meter are in production and are available directly from the manufacturer, F M Systems, Inc. at 3877 South Main Street in Santa Ana, California 92707 (800-235-6960) and selected Distributors.

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