My picture is fuzzy, how can I clear it up?

My picture is fuzzy, how can I clear it up?

My picture is fuzzy, how can I clear it up?

A fuzzy picture can be due to a low quality or defective Camera or due to the loss that is incurred in transmission over the Coaxial or Twisted Pair cable connecting the Camera to the Recorder. Assuming that you have tested the camera and the picture at the Camera location is satisfactory, then the probable answer is that the coaxial cable or the Twisted Pair transmission system is long enough to cause high frequency loss that degrades the picture quality. Since it is usually not possible to reduce the length of the cable, the best solution to a fuzzy picture caused by cable loss is to “Frequency Equalize” the cable so that it no longer exhibits the high frequency loss that is causing the fuzziness in the received picture. The solution to this kind of problem is to connect a GB-1 Ground loop blocker cable equilizer or a GB-60 Video Equalizer/Extender at the Recorder location. This will positively and completely eliminate all loss of detail and fuzziness in the picture due to cable loss. The ground loop blockers are a set and forget type system that will enable delivery of bright, crisp pictures over Coaxial Cables up to 5,000 feet long, and Twisted Pair (CAT-5) Cables up to 3,000 feet long.

Loss of picture detail with respect to Coaxial Cable distance between the Camera and the Recorder can best be depicted in a curve that plots percent of Retained Picture Detail against the number of feet of Coaxial Cable that must be traversed between the Camera and Recorder. The curve below shows the loss of Picture Detail from a “650 Line” Camera after traversing various lengths of RG59/U Coaxial Cable, and also shows the percentage of retained Picture Content when an GB-1cable extender is placed at the input to the Recorder. The curve showing the Picture Detail lost by the Coaxial Cable is based on the concept that Picture Content is considered “lost” when more than 50% of the original Picture Detail that the Camera could produce is lost in the cable, and does not arrive at the Recorder.


Note that the Coaxial Cable will Loose one half of the fine detail energy that a high quality 650 Line Capability Camera can produce in 500 feet of RG59/U cable, while a Recorder equipped with an GB-1would have delivered 100% of the Picture Detail.In fact, the curve indicates that even at 5,000 feet of RG59/U cable, the GB-1 will deliver 100% of the original Camera Picture Detail to the recorder, while a direct cable connection would have lost almost 100% of the Picture Content.

When the GB-1 equalizing amplifier is connected at the Recorder Location, the Coaxial Cable becomes completely transparent, with zero loss, no matter how long the cable is for any length of RG59/U cable up to 5,000 feet.

The GB-1 will also eliminate all forms of 60 Hz Ground Loop, and Radio Frequency interference from locally radiated Radio and Television sources as well as radiated interference from Square Wave “UPS” Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

The GB-1 provides significant reduction in cross – talk and other interfering signals while automatically adjusting the Picture Brightness, Color Fidelity, and Picture Detail to restore the original Picture Quality content. An internal clamping system also restores the original DC component of the signal so that the Brightness Levels will not vary with picture content.

The GB-1 can deliver high quality pictures up to 3,000 feet over coaxial cable that were only possible before with a much more expensive Fiber-Optic transmission system. Even greater transmission distances are possible by applying intervening GB-1 amplifiers at about 3,000 foot intervals along the route.