IP video Loss Detector for Gas Station TSSA Compliance.

IP video Loss Detector for Gas Station TSSA Compliance.

The IPG-1 Camera Guard monitors the communication path of four separate IP camera data signals. This supervisory system will identify the loss of any video data signal due to removal of the camera, loss of power to the camera, a camera cable disconnect, or a defective camera output. The IPG-1 continuously displays the “Data on” condition of a single IP camera with an L.E.D. indicator for the camera channel and relay contact output for external alarms or it can be jumper programmed for a low voltage DC output to control other equipment relays. Use it to monitor your IP cameras and shut down un-attended gas pumps if the IP camera is tampered with or fails.

Normally Open or Normally Closed Alarm contacts are provided for each channel to send an alarm or activate equipment when loss of data occurs. These contacts are field programmable for Normally Open or Normally Closed contact operation. Connect this unit to a local alarm panel to alert monitor personnel that a camera is being tampered with or send a message to a remote site by connecting the alarm output to external dialing equipment. It can be used to shut down equipment such as gas pumps when the IP video fails

The IPG-1 will identify tampering or failure of cameras when it occurs, reducing the liability associated with extended and undetected loss of area security when cameras are rendered inoperative without notification. The IPG-1 increases the level of security provided by the IP video camera and can be used to meet the TSSA requirements for gas pump camera loss detection.

The IPG-1 Camera Guard can be connected anywhere between the camera and the Monitor equipment in the IP video data path. You can connect it near the IP camera to activate a local alarm or at the monitor location to alert monitor personal or automatically shut down equipment. The “High Impedance Loop through Input” will not affect the data or picture quality of the video signal even if the power fails. The unit detects the loss of data communication between the IP camera and the monitor location for any reason such as power loss at the camera or camera failure, broken, shorted or disconnected wire cables and tampering of any kind.

Use this unit in any IP video installation that requires guaranteed continuous video monitoring. Use the IPG-1 to monitor the cameras in sensitive areas like loading docks or any area subject to the unauthorized movement of product or stock when cameras are disabled. Or use it to determine if you have an intermittent failure problem in any IP video system. The IPG-1 has an easy mounting flange that will mount to any surface with just two screws and is supplied with a 24 VDC power cube.

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