Ground Loop Blocker for UTP Video


The GB60-UTP Ground-Loop Blocker for Twisted Pair wire is an active device used with any Unshielded Twisted Pair video transmitter or passive “Balun” to eliminate Ground Loop Interference and picture quality problems in new and existing CCTV video installations. The unit is installed at the monitor site where the video twisted pair signals come together, or at any intermediate point where video signals are monitored. The GB-60 UTP operates with any standard CCTV, NTSC or PAL video signal.

This device controls and corrects four independent channels of CCTV video. Each channel is separately adjustable for Video Level and Picture Sharpness. A built-in active ground loop blocker removes the 60 Cycle Bars from the CCTV signal even after they have become part of the video signal. This ground loop isolator will prevent 60 Cycle “Hum Bars” from degrading your twisted pair wire CCTV system.

The Level control can be adjusted to overcome losses on long wire runs up to 3000 feet and correct for small wire gage or poor quality wire type, it will also correct for improper camera source terminations.

The Picture Sharpness control will restore Picture quality to its original sharpness due to long wire runs, poor quality wire or wire used in wet locations. It will also restore the video color brightness on long wire runs.

This device will prevent Ghosting in the picture by absorbing and eliminating the reflected video Ghost signal. It will also restore the Characteristic Impedance of the down stream video signal to prevent secondary Ghosting in the picture.

An optional secondary 75 Ohm “BNC” connector video distribution output can be ordered. This lets the installer add an extra monitor point or drive any other video equipment without affecting the original video signal. Order “GB60-UTP/D”.

By installing the GB60-UTP in your existing CCTV system you can avoid the many hours of troubleshooting and trial/error associated with problem installations. For some installations you will find it advantageous to install a GB60-UTP on each group of four channels. It is especially useful in installations requiring lightning protection. Lightening protection devices often induce 60 cycle bars into the video signal because they use a connection to ground that does not equal the video ground at the monitor.

INPUT                            SPECIFICATION
Level                            1 Vpp, 140 I.R.E. Units

Impedance                        100 Ohms Balanced

Video Standard                   CCTV, NTSC, PAL

Connectors                       Screw Terminal

Video Channels                   4 Channels (A-D)

Power Requirements               24 VDC Wall Mount (Supplied)

Power Connector                  5.5mm x 2.5mm

Clamping                         Tip of SYNC
Common Mode Rejection            40 dB Typ.

Video Gain                       -2 to +3 dB

High Frequency Compensation      0 to +10 dBRF

Bandwidth                        30 MHz

Level                            1 Vpp, 140 I.R.E. Units
Impedance                        75 Ohms
Connectors                       BNC (Female)

Channels 4                       Channels (A-D)

Distribution Out Optional)       4 Channels (E-H)

Signal to Noise Ratio            70dB

Size                             5.5″ L x 4.3″W x 2″D
Temperature Range                0 – 50 Degrees Centigrade
Humidity                         95% Non-Condensing

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