Radio communication networks have always suffered from a half duplex (one person talks at a time) problem. Unlike cell phones or other telephone communications that are full duplex where you can simultaneously talk and listen at the same time, with a radio system only one person can talk at a time making two way radio really a one way at a time radio system. The “TEN CODE” was developed to increase the amount of information that a person could send using a very short period of time. It allows the users to send complex messages with very short number codes. Radio TEN CODES differ from the POLICE RADIO TEN CODES and both are listed below. With the Police TEN CODES there was the added plus of being understood by the causal observer or bystander.

RADIO TEN CODES                                          POLICE RADIO TEN CODES

10-0                                                                         Caution

10-1     Receiving poorly, bad signal.                   Signal Weak

10-2     Receiving OK, signal strong.                    Signal Good

10-3     Stop Transmitting.                                    Stop transmitting

10-4     Message received.                                     Message received

10-5     Relay message.                                           Relay

10-6     Busy, please stand by.                               Busy

10-7     Out of service.                                             Out of service

10-8     In service.                                                     In service

10-9     Repeat message.                                           Repeat

10-10   finished, standing by.                                     Fight in progress

10-11   Talk slower.                                                     Animal Problem

10-12   Visitors present.                                              Stand By

10-13   Need weather or road conditions.                  Report Conditions

10-14                                                                                Prowler report

10-15                                                                                Civil disturbance

10-16   Pickup needed at _____________.             Domestic problem

10-17   Urgent Business.                                                Meet complainant

10-18   Is there anything for us?                                 Urgent

10-19   Nothing for you, return to base.                     Got to station

10-20   My location is _______________.             Location

10-21   Use a telephone.                                                Phone ____________

10-22   Report in person to ___________.             Disregard

10-23   Stand by.                                                            Arrived at scene

10-24   Finished last assignment.                                Assignment complete

10-25   Can you contact _____________.              Report to __________

10-26   Disregard last information.                             Detaining suspect

10-27   I’m changing to channel _______.                Driver’s license information

10-28   Identify your station.                                       Vehicle registration information

10-29   Your time is up for contact.                             Check for wants/warrants

10-30   Does not conform to FCC rules.                      Unauthorized use of radio

10-31                                                                                Crime in progress

10-32   I’ll give you a radio check.                               Person with gun

10-33   Emergency traffic at this station.                   Emergency, stand by

10-34   Help needed at this station.                            Riot

10-35   Confidential information.                                Major crime alert

10-36   The correct time is ___________.             Correct time

10-37   Wrecker needed at ___________.             Investigate suspicious vehicle

10-38   Ambulance needed at _________.             Stop suspicious vehicle

10-39   Your message has been delivered.                Use lights and siren

10-40                                                                               Respond quickly

10-41   Please change to channel _______.              Beginning shift

10-42   Traffic accident at ____________.             Ending shift

10-43   Traffic congestion at __________.               Information

10-44   I have a message for __________.               Permission to leave

10-45   All units within range please report in.           Dead animal

10-46                                                                                 Assist motorist

10-47                                                                                 Emergency road repair

10-48                                                                                 Traffic control

10-49                                                                                 Traffic signal out

10-50   Break channel.                                                    Traffic accident

10-51                                                                                  Request tow truck

10-52                                                                                  Request ambulance

10-53                                                                                  Roadway blocked

10-54                                                                                  Livestock on roadway

10-55                                                                                  Intoxicated driver

10-56                                                                                  Intoxicated pedestrian

10-57                                                                                  Hit and run accident

10-58                                                                                  Direct traffic

10-59                                                                                  Escort

10-60   What is the next message number?                 Squad in vicinity

10-61                                                                                  Personnel in vicinity

10-62   Unable to copy, please call on the phone.        Reply to message

10-63   Net directed to _________________.        Prepare to copy

10-64   Net clear.                                                              Local Message

10-65   Standing by, awaiting your next message.     Network message

10-66                                                                                 Cancel message

10-67   All units comply.                                                 Clear for network message

10-68                                                                                  Dispatch information

10-69                                                                                  Message received

10-70   Fire at ________________________.      Fire alarm

10-71   Proceed with transmission in sequence.           Advise of nature of fire

10-72                                                                                   Report progress of fire

10-73   Speed trap at ___________________.       Smoke report

10-74                                                                                   Negative

10-75   Your transmission is causing interference.      In contact with __________

10-76                                                                                   En route to _____________

10-77   Negative contact.                                                  E.T.A Estimated Time of Arrival

10-78                                                                                   Request assistance

10-79                                                                                   Notify coroner

10-80                                                                                   Pursuit in progress

10-81   Reserve hotel room for _____________.     Breathalyzer report

10-82   Reserve room for _________________.     Reserve lodgings

10-83                                                                                   School crossing detail

10-84   My telephone number is ____________.     E.T.A. Estimated Time of Arrival

10-85   My address is ____________________.    Arrival delayed

10-86                                                                                   Operator on duty

10-87                                                                                    Pick up

10-88                                                                                   Advise of telephone number

10-89   Radio repairman is needed at ________.      Bomb threat

10-90   I have TVI.                                                           Bank alarm

10-91   Talk closer to the microphone.                           Pick up subject

10-92   Your transmitter needs adjustment.                Illegally parked vehicle

10-93   Check my frequency on this channel.               Blockage

10-94   Please give me a long count.                              Drag racing

10-95   Transmit dead carrier for 5 seconds.               Subject in custody

10-96                                                                                  Detain subject

10-97                                                                                  Test signal

10-98                                                                                  Escaped prisoner

10-99   Mission completed, all units secure.                Wanted or stolen

10-200 Police needed at ______________.

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