The IPX-24 IP VIDEO RELAY SWITCH is a 24 Volt operated 2X1 IP video network switch. It is controlled by an external 24 Volt AC or DC power source. With no power applied the network Common (COM) is connected to the primary (A) IP network.

When power is applied the unit switches the Common to the secondary (B) network disconnecting the signal and the P.O.E. from the A network. The IPX-12/24 IP video A/B switch has two RJ-45 inputs and one RJ-45 output connector to select between two different network sources. The IP network signal is switched using isolated relay technology so that all forms of data can be controlled and the unit will always pass P.O.E. to the selected channel. The P.O.E. on the un-selected channel will be turned off to save power and increase the life of the IP camera.

The unit can be used to engage a secondary network source or to switch on or off an IP camera using an external switch or remote relay, rather than having to address the camera through the network. In some installations the customer may want to turn off a camera when it is not in use or share one channel of the NVR with two cameras using one at a time under switch control. Use this unit on a court-room IP camera so the judge can cut the camera feed at will.

This switcher is housed in a sturdy ABS plastic enclosure that is completely insulated. The unit is small and light weight and can be mounted to any surface with Velcro strips.

A 12 VDC version of this product is also available by ordering the part number IPX-12. On mobile vehicles the 12 Volt version can be used to switch from front IP camera to a rear camera by connecting the backup tail light 12 Volt DC power to the unit.

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All Standards IP Video (Network Video)
Level (IP Video) 0.2 to 2 Vp-pInput Impedance 100 Ohms (Pass Through)
Off Channel Impedance Hi-Z (No Termination) Frequency Response > 0.2 dB from DC to 100 MHz
Cross-Talk (Pri/Sec input) < 75 dB
P.O.E. Passes All P.O.E.


External Power requirement IPX-24V/IPX-12V AC/DC @ 30 mA
Power ConnectorScrew Terminal
Connectors (IP Video) RJ-45 (8P8C)
Enclosure 1.25″H x 4.25″L x 2.25″W ABS