Rich Campbell talks about audio level control.

Rich Campbell talks about audio level control.




Rich Campbell is the Voice of experience when it comes to Audio Level control, so listen to what he has to say on that subject:

“Setting and maintaining consistent audio levels on my Cable System was driving me up the wall. Every day the CSR’s were receiving a dozen or more audio level complaints. And don’t you know, I heard about every one of them! Not only that, but the System Manager finally decided too much was really too much and asked me to fix this problem once and for all.

I next surveyed the audio level control products available and found that most either clipped, limited, or compressed the audio in some way, thereby changing the character and quality of the TV sound. The ALM673 AUDIO LEVEL MASTER held the TV audio at the correct modulation level day-in and day-out without altering the quality of sound in any way.

In June of 1991 I installed AUDIO LEVEL MASTER’s on our 16 locally inserted commercial channels, 4 tape operated pay-per-view channels, and 2 L.O. channels. The result? not a single complaint since that installation.”

“I used the FM SYSTEMS INC. AMM AUDIO MODULATION METER to set every channel to the same audio loudness level. That made all my channels the same as the loudness of the average of my off-air channels. The AUDIO LEVEL MASTER’s have kept them that way ever since without any further adjustment. Magic!”.

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