Biography of Frank McClatchie President FM SYSTEMS, INC.

Biography of Frank McClatchie President FM SYSTEMS, INC.

Biography of Frank McClatchie

Frank McClatchie founded FM Systems, Inc. in 1979 and is now the President and Chairman of the Board. Frank is also active in new product development projects and is responsible for the concept development and design of the Stereo Performance Meter which is described in the paper titled “A New Technology for Measuring the Stereo Content of Music”.

Prior to founding FM Systems, Frank was Vice President of Engineering for Electronics Development Company for four years, designing video microwave transmission equipment, military video multiplex, Helmet Video Display , Drone tracking systems, and audio subcarrier equipment.

Frank started his engineering career in the Toll Division (Long Distance Telephone Services) in Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, starting by communicating between transcontinental Repeater Stations using Morse Telegraphy. This was back in the days when there were only three circuits operating between Los Angeles and New York on “Open Wire” all the way across the continent.

By the time Frank left the telephone company after 25 years to join Electronics Development Company, he had the title of Senior Engineer and had participated in designing microwave systems, voice carrier systems, coaxial video transmission systems, telephone switching systems, and had visited every “Operating Company” of the Bell System to survey the methods in use for Telemetry, Supervisory Control, and specialized Power Industry Communications. Twenty five years in the Bell System and never once installed a telephone!

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