New AVM Audio Volume Storage Meter Product Release

New AVM Audio Volume Storage Meter Product Release

Audio Volume Meter



CALL: Don McClatchie

PHONE: 800-235-6960 OR FAX 714-979-0913

F M SYSTEMS, INC. announces a new concept in audio volume mea­surement. The

AVM Audio Volume Meter is a digital, hand-held battery operated, true RMS audio volume

meter calibrated in dBm at 600 ohms. Steady digital meter readings are obtained by storing

and displaying only the highest RMS measurement made during the measuring interval.

The AVM meter reads audio levels over a 70dB range from +20 dBm to -50 dBm in

0.1dB steps with a basic accuracy of +1% +1 digit. The audio input can be either balanced

or unbalanced and will measure and record the highest loudness of stereo or mono signals.

Because the meter stores the highest levels, live program audio can be measured as

easily as test tones with digital accuracy. This meter reads the true RMS level that reflects the

real power content of the program audio and also the loudness of the program. Use this

meter where multiple program sources must be adjusted to the same loudness to meet the

CALM ACT and other requirements.

Contact F M SYSTEMS, INC. at: 714-979-3355 or 800-235-6960.