ATU-8 Alarm Super Highway

ATU-8 Alarm Super Highway



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FM SYSTEMS INC. has designed a new alarm and control system that uses existing CCTV camera cables, without interfering with the picture being transmitted. Up to 160 alarm and control channels may be transmitted over each coaxial cable along with the camera picture. Alarm and control signals may be transmitted in both directions at the same time.

In addition to the alarm and control channels, the system monitors itself, so that in the event that the coaxial cable is cut, or power is lost at either end, a separate system alarm is activated.

In systems that record the camera pictures on tape, all alarm and control functions are also recorded on the tape, so that when a tape is played back at a later date, the condition of each alarm and control function is displayed at each point in time on the tape. A record of each alarm and control event is thus available in conjunction with the events seen on the tape.

New alarms and controls may be added after the initial installation without running extra twisted pairs. This system will even work on video over twisted pairs as well as coaxial cables.

This new CCTV SUPERHIGHWAY is implemented by merely connecting the ATU-8 Alarm Transmitting Unit between the camera and the coaxial cable. Power for this unit is from the same 24VAC transformer powering the camera. Each ATU-8 can be connected to eight alarms. Up to 20 alarm transmitters may be connected without affecting the quality of the picture from the camera. With 20 alarm transmitters, 160 individual alarms may be transmitted to the central alarm point from each camera location.

The ARU-8 Alarm Receiving Unit is connected between the coaxial cable and the monitors and recording equipment. Power is derived from 24VAC power transformer such as used at the camera. Each ARU-8 receives 8 alarm signals which are connected to the central alarm system. A system alarm monitors the condition of the system. Up to 20 alarm receivers may be connected to each coaxial cable without affecting the quality of the received camera picture, thereby implementing as many as 160 alarm channels per coaxial cable.

A control system is implemented by connecting an ATU-8 to the cable at the Central Control and connecting the ARU-8 at any point in the coaxial line where the control signals are desired. In fact, both alarm and control functions may be implemented at any point along the coaxial cable.

The flexibility and large number of control and alarmfunctions enabled by this new CCTV SUPERHIGHWAY will permit a complete revision of the way the Alarm Industry thinks about running twisted pair cables. One coaxial cable can now carry as many alarms as a 160 pair twisted wire cable!

For additional information for your application call FRANK McCLATCHIE at FM Systems, Inc. at 800-235-6960, FAX 714-979-0913, or write to: FM SYSTEMS, INC3877 SOUTH MAIN STREET,SANTA ANA, CA 92707

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