ALM771 Audio Level Master

ALM771 Audio Level Master



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Santa Ana, California. FM SYSTEMS, INC. has developed a newaudio loudness control system that regulates audio program levelso that the sound volume as perceived by the human ear will be consistent even when source program material level differs by asmuch as 30 dB.

Each ALM771 AUDIO LEVEL MASTER controls a single audio channel. Two ALM771 modules will control a Stereo signal when their control systems are connected together with a jumper wire. Connecting the control jumper wire insures that the StereoImage replicates the original program.

The ALM771 AUDIO LEVEL MASTERincorporates a Program-Dependent Gating System to insure that background sound remains at a constant level even during pauses in foreground speech. Program-Dependent Loudness Control Time Constants insure that sudden short term sound impulses such as gun-shots or door-slamsdo not affect background sound levels.

The Dual Frequency Band Control Systems also insures that pulses of low frequency sound do not cause pumping of higher frequency program material.In short that ALM771 will establish a consistent audio output level even when the input from various program sources change byas much as 30 dB in level, all without noise pumping, program pumping, or any other artifact resulting from the level control being exerted by the AUDIO LEVEL MASTER .

The ALM771 does not occupy any front panel rack space. The module is fully shielded against RF interference and is only 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ in size. A bracket enables attachment to the mounting rails at the rear of an equipment rack so that the ALM771 may be retro-fitted into otherwise fully occupied equipment racks. The ALM771 is made in the USA and is available from Stock, at FM SYSTEMS, INC. 3877 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California, 92707, USA.

For more information call:1-800-235-6960, 1-714-979-3355 or FAX 1-714-979-0913.

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